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We offer friendly and professional support to help parents, extended families and carers with children of all ages, from pre-school up to adolescence.

We will help you to feel confident and sure in your parenting, giving you the empowerment to make the right choice.

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Hertfordshire PPP

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Bishops College
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"Our house is a completely different place and a lot calmer than it used to be because my wife and I stick together and we talk to our daugher in a different way. A lot of parents don't realise that their parenting can change the situation. These classes have been a real eye-opener."

"I like the way the course was tailor-made for the issues we were having at the time. Hertfodshire PPP helped immediately."

"We found that communication has much improved. My husband and I don't lecture and shout, we have gained ways of getting the children to understand. Has had a huge impact on us all."

"I could not have attended a group session - I was much happier having sessions one to one."

"Since starting the parenting sessions I have been putting all I learned into practice and our lives have improved. I am much less stressful. We are enjoying our children and teenagers more. Thank you."

"Understanding the needs for assertive parenting, but giving freedom within loving limits is something I will always use."

Our success can be gauged by the number of parents who continue on the Programme to assist and mentor new cases.

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