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Ever Wonder What Your Kids Are Up To Online?

The internet can be a very dangerous place with hackers, exploiters and viruses around every corner. It is therefore more important than ever to know how to be safe online, particularly on social media.

Awareness Is All It Takes To Stay Safe

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Keep yourself, your family and your peers safe when browsing the web and hanging out on social media.

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Stranger Danger...

What does it look like on & off line?

Social media is a huge part of our lives. It allows us to connect with friends and open up endless opportunities no matter where you are.

This also means that there are people out there using it for the wrong reasons and we must know how to stay protected and safe on these platforms.

  • Focused on critical thinking and the implications and consequences of being rash on and off line.
  • Simple ways to stay safe, which can be put into practise immediately.
  • Change behaviours online and offline.
  • Build resilience and become a good digital citizen.

Better safe than sorry.
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Around 2 Million People Experience Domestic Abuse Each Year


It all starts of great. Lots of cute memories, chocolate and roses.


The magic continues and the L bomb is dropped.


Small signs of abuse start to show, until a full blown abuse relationship develops.


It all comes crashing down to an end.

Anyone can suffer from or be guilty of dating violence. If you are dating for the first time, an abuser will know if you can be abused.
Build your knowledge base and stay safe from abuse.
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