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As a teacher Marilyn attended many courses on Child Protection and asks why none of them gave information on how to recognise “grooming” to protect children. Her three sons were victims of grooming and abuse by the Head teacher who was both Marilyn’s boss for 10 years and best friend for 17 years, therefore she has LIVED EXPERIENCE. 

Marilyn regularly speaks to the Media, public, organisations, schools, conferences, parents and children across the UK to break the culture of silence and resistance educating people with correct, relevant and vital information to prevent child sexual abuse and tune into their instincts.  

Unafraid of speaking out, Marilyn is well known for her strong, pragmatic views. Even so, she has empathy and friendly approach which reaches out encouraging people to address the issues by raising their understanding which makes for a safer future for children and their families.

Marilyn has been involved in many TV programs such as Chrissy B Show,  ‘Judges in the Dock’ with Mark Easton from BBC. She has appeared on BBC “ Songs of Praise “ and is regularly involved with BBC News, Radio 5 Live, SKY news, Press and others. Marilyn was also awarded “Most inspirational Woman of the year 2017 “

Marilyn passionately believes victims need not make their childhood abuse a life sentence – with appropriate therapy and support systems they can thrive – not merely survive!

Freedom from Abuse training is now delivered in every sector across UK.

Mob: 07484 541727
Mail: marilyn.hawes@freedom-abuse.org

I am very excited to be working alongside Hertfordshire Practical Parenting Program where I will be offering mindfulness tool and skills to help enhance participants everyday lives. Through various different mindfulness activities, practices and reflective discussions we can find a way of transforming our relationship to ourselves, others and the world around us, helping reduce stress and anxiety levels giving ourselves the opportunity to feel more positive balanced and fulfilled.

Alongside the Hertfordshire Practical Patenting Program I also work with Phoenix Against Domestic Abuse. These sessions offer survivors the opportunity to think about themselves and attempt to calm down their threat and drive systems which are overstimulated due to their experiences. I am able to pull upon my vast knowledge and training in mindfulness and also compassion to gift participants with the tools and practices required to take themselves out of the drive and threat system helping to activate the self soothing system thus offering the knowledge and skills required to relax and see the world through a kinder softer lens of awareness (often a very difficult place to get to having been in such traumatic situations).

Robert S Wells is a former Military Police Officer and security professional. He is a published author, speaker and domestic abuse survivor and he is currently the Director at, Domestic Abuse Business Support Ltd (DABS) 

Robert was targeted at work by his abuser and recently launched DABS, to help to support and protect employees, (regardless of gender, ability, sexuality, ethnicity or social and workplace position) and the businesses that they work for, against the very real threat, of domestic abuse in the workplace.

Did you know that domestic abuse costs the U.K. economy, £66 Billion a year? Source: U.K. Government.

Did you know that, 75% of the 2 million plus, reported domestic abuse sufferers in the U.K. (these are just the ones we know of) continue to be targeted at work by their abusers? Source: TUC

Did you know that U.K. businesses are losing £14 Billion a year as a direct result of domestic abuse? Source: U.K. Government

Robert travels the U.K. giving talks on the subject of domestic abuse against men and domestic abuse in the workplace, as well as running the DABS workplace training courses and assisting companies to implement robust domestic abuse policies. 

Robert’s talks have been delivered to representatives of domestic abuse frontline agencies, Councils, The Army, Navy, Royal Air Force and Marines, the Police, The Ministry of Defence and the NHS. His story has been featured in a number of nationally and internationally distributed newspapers and magazines and he has appeared on radio in the U.K. and the USA.

Robert is available nationally and internationally, for training courses, conference speeches, business consultation and media interviews.

Website: www.d-a-b-s.co.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 7853621303
Email: robert@d-a-b-s.co.uk

Locations: Hertford & Cottered (near Buntingford)
Phone: 07742969175

In 2010 Ailsa the CEO of Hertford Oasis and I could see there was a large gap in provisions for young adults with learning disabilities where they could attend a day care service that was age appropriate.

Initially it was Hertford Oasis that we started together and as it grew, I opened Oasis 2 in Cottered near Buntingford.  We are 2 separate companies but work together with the same aims, objectives and ethos.

Ailsa was Head of Art at the Valley School in Stevenage and I had worked for HCC for 28+ years at senior social work level in the Shared Care and fostering team so brought with us extensive knowledge and understanding of the difficulties these young people face.  Both venues are lucky to have experienced staff where they have worked in social care/education/residential units.

Oasis 2 is a day care provision for young adults to come and be supported to help them improve their independence skills to lead a healthy and active life.  We have a structured day where our weekly topics help them gain a greater understanding of relationships, communication, cooking, budgeting and shopping, healthy eating, exercise, what’s going on in the world etc.  Our hours are 10-3pm and we are open 50 weeks per year. Our groups are small with 8/9 students per day with 4 members of staff supporting.

The structured day always includes an art/craft activity, shopping for lunch, preparing lunch etc which is included in the costs. We are fortunate to have the use of a sports hall on site and sports field where we play boccia, snooker, badminton, table tennis etc.  We have also put on various courses for our students such as Yoga, Zumba dance, modern dance, personal training sessions.

At Oasis 2 we strongly believe in giving our students as many experiences  as possible where we have set them up with their own company of designing greetings cards, having them professionally printed, opportunities to sell their cards so experiencing the world of work, improving communication skills, gain in confidence, earn a wage for their work.  All the profit they make is then shared between our students in December of each year.  This has shown our students to really improve in so many ways.

Oasis 2 is accredited by Hertfordshire County Council and this is just a brief snapshot of who we are

If you would like to know more please visit our website or contact me on – 07742969175

Liz Sapsford

Director of Oasis 2 Cottered

Andrew is a domestic abuse campaigner and blogger, writing and speaking about domestic abuse, gaslighting and parental alienation. Andrew supports male survivors of abuse and his TEDx talk, ‘Domestic Abuse – not a gender issue’, is one of the only TEDx talks to explore female perpetrated violence in the home.

Andrew is also a dad to 5 children and leadership development coach, working across the corporate and third sectors working with business leaders, equipping them to get more done without getting busier or burnt out and improving personal presentation skills, so speakers inspire action through engaging delivery and content. https://www.andrewpain.co.uk/

Andrew is a TEDx speaker whose talk, Domestic Abuse – not a gender issue, is one of the only TEDx talks to explore female perpetrated violence in the home.

Passionate about changing the narrative around domestic abuse, so it includes the full spectrum of abuse, including men and women as victims, the LGBTQ community, sibling abuse and teenager on parent abuse. Andrew supports male survivors of domestic abuse and alongside his charity work.