Phoenix Against Domestic Abuse


Our Service

Our volunteers are the co-founders of the group and survivors of domestic abuse themselves. It may be that parents are wanting to build confidence and self-esteem, need parenting strategies and support or a place to discuss issues with peers in a similar situation.  

The Phoenix Support group have guest speakers and professionals to offer further knowledge and activities that can assist this cohort. Children are welcomed to attend with their parents and resources will be on hand to provide them with a meaningful experience. We operate in and around Welwyn, Hatfiels, and Letchworth.

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Referral Information

The Phoenix Support Group is available to anyone who is in need of support and guidance in regard to domestic abuse. All Referrals will need to come via the HPPP office and a face to face visit will take place prior to an invite being made offering the opportunity to come to the group. This is because of the need to safeguard all of those within the group and to ensure that we are the right service for the parent.