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We work with families in your local area who are in crisis and require support to prevent family breakdown/conflict.

“The attached report is very comprehensive and really good in demonstrating outcomes.”
Professional at Hertfordshire County Council
“The child is coming in cleaner and more enthusiastic.”

Helping To Keep Families Together

Providing a tailored family support service. Our Family Support Workers provide professional face to face and telephone support, agreeing and setting boundaries and targets together in order to improve holistic outcomes within the family.

How We Do It

Workers from HPPP spend quality time within the home to enable them to understand the presenting behaviours within the family unit and to identify solutions to improve family life.  This will include role playing, family mediation, focussed visits to capture the voice of the child/ren as well as the parents and meaningful activities to gain trust and build relationships.  The journey of the family is captured in our bespoke processes entitled ‘Voice of the Family’ and ‘Voice of the Child’ to support the programme and accurately record the impact that HPPP has achieved.  

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